“Couldn’t sleep last night, been going through stages where I won’t sleep until like, 5… Then last night I couldn’t sleep until half 6. It’s just like, even though it’s a good job, it’s like, a lonely life. And then you speak to everyone and it just makes it worse. When you’re by yourself you just think about how much you… Like, sometimes you just wanna go home. But it’s quite hard to just go ‘Nope. Don’t wanna do it’ because its Dad’s dream so like, you don’t want to upset Dad at all, and you’ll feel like you’ll be letting him down and stuff. But yeah… Yeah, I’m gonna stick it out. Make myself big.”

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Emotional scenes as Saraya leaves for Florida.

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Being a girl over here is a LOT different from being a girl at home. Like, at home it’s all about your wrestling, doesn’t really matter what you look like. I mean, you gotta put on some makeup on or whatever but it doesn’t really matter what you look like. Over here, it’s about your wrestling AND the way you look aswell. So, erm, you have to… it’s basically they say it’s like T and A. Tit’s and arse. That’s what we’re there for. I wanna change that. I wanna be for wrestling aswell. That’s the whole point of me wanting to come here so I can at least change that. Take it back to the attitude era. But yeah, I’m the only one who hasn’t got plastic surgery,  I’m the only one who doesn’t tan and stuff. I’m like the big mess. I’m the hot mess of the company.
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according to my antivirus software your main site is like full of maleware. basically avast was like I'd be stupid to go there.

yeah I know, so we made a new one http://saraya-j.com, check it out :)

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Paige store!

We’re adding something new to the site when it opens which will be a Paige store! It’ll sell Paige-related shirts and stuff. Not just that but all the profit would either go to the charity or the maybe onto the site! :-)

- A small update; the NEW website should hopefully be opening just under a week!

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